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What is Music Education ?

Music education is a tract where people can learn and teach music. Music is the heartbeat of the world, and a type of art that transform all cultural differences. Everyone in this world, together enjoy the music during concerts,festivals and work art. Children who learn about music will enjoy getting knowledge on the history, cultural effects, genres and notable contributions to music. These contributions are continuous, but going back to the beginning provides a foundation to learning music.For me music education is important especially to young generations and it can improve several things. By learning music can build better self-confidence, with guidance from parents and teachers, students that performing pieces or songs can build pride and tenacity. Music education can also help better communication for students.

Benefits Of Music Education

Children will gain some benefits if the are learning music. First of all, children will have a sense of achievement, as we know, learning to play an instrument is something that might be challenging but it is like a lady that got thousands of red roses when they are able to play their instrument fluently.they will be proud of themselves.
Besides, without we realized, music can also teach disciplines. Kids who learned to play an instrument can learn an important lesson in discipline. For an example, they will have to set time for their practice time and climb to the next challenge of learning or mastering their pieces with disciplines.
Not only that, by studying music also can develop spatial intelligence. How ? study music allows them to perceive the world exactly and form fantasy. Spatial intelligence is helpful for advanced mathematics and etc.
Last but not least, learning music can make children learn the teamwork. Lot of music education have need teamwork as part of an orchestra,band,ensemble and others. Thru this teamwork, students will learn how to work together and not to be sleeping partner of the group. Besides, they will also develop communication skills in themselves. Why should music be taught in school ?

I was a school students and now i am taking Music in UiTM. When i learnt music here, i realized that i do not learn anything about music in school. We do not have much music teacher with music background. Every child deserves the chance to learn music. While studies show positive influences in other academic areas, music is an academic discipline that is, as the other academics, an independent way of learning and knowing. Reading , mathematics and writing are important and i think that each students should be success in that field. Anyhow nothing on those academic areas justify their existence in the basis of what is accomplished for another area. Each academics discipline is necessary for a well-rounded educational Music is an academic area of study equal to Mathematics, Science , Reading and Writing.

Example : Datuk Syafinaz Selamat

Datuk Syafinaz Selamat was born on January 11, 1973. She is a Malaysian singer. Besides a singer, she is also an educator of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam, Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA), also a vocal master for  Malaysia National Choir and PERMATA Seni Choir. From the informations that i got from her students, her major instruments is piano and her minor instrument is on vocal. She good on both major and minor instruments. Datuk Syafinaz Selamat is a very good educators because she have a lot of knowledge about music especially on vocal things. She is an educator is very committed with all her works. She would do anything for her student to achieve their dreams. As we know, as a singer it is hard to find a singer who can sight sing the song and most of the vocal student just learn to sing the song from an audio or video like YouTube. But she will always make sure that her students can sight sing very well. She want to change the perception that singers have the least knowledge on music, it is like they just sing without reading the notes on their pieces. She may be quite fierce with her students, but once who you know what should you do before entering her class she will be so sporting and supportive. So for me, this is what our educators need to do, this is how the need to act when they are with the students. She is one of my idol in both of her singing and teaching. She is the real educators and singers. Even she is still performing here and there, she still do not forget to make classes for students. That’s mean she knows her responsibilities as a performer and educator.

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